this sucks.

so i just broke up with my boyfriend a few days ago because i have this thing where i am totally in love for a time and then i feel nothing and i have issues with relationships and i didnt want to hurt him because i could tell i was starting to lose interest. but now its been like 5 days and im dying.  i miss him. i miss him because for a while i did really genuinely care for him and in a way i still do and being with him always made me feel a little better. but i kno that if i get back with him then i will be just as miserable as i am now because i dont tell him anything about whats bothering me because idk why. and i will forever be in apprehension about when i will lose interest and break his heart.  either way i lose and my heart is breaking.

Dream 03

yeh im not really putting all my dreams in here, there are just too many.  im just putting the really weird ones

i dont know if this is normal, but in my last dream i was a guy (i am a girl in real life, obviously).  i was in love with this girl and she was in love with me, but her parents were all rich and bossy so they wouldnt let us be together. so i went to her mansion and tried to prove myself by playing some rich people game like tennis.  i never found out whether we could be together

ps, i was a pretty hot guy.  lol

Dream 02

havnt been on in like, forever.  just wanted to update on this one dream im giving you an abridged version because this dream went on forever

so im at a baseball game (not in sports rite now) about to go up to base. im the worst player on the team and everyone is laughing at me. i strike out and run from the field humiliated until i get lost in my hometown.  someone on a bike (not a motorcycle just a bike) runs me over and im bleeding a lot.  i go into someones house and there’s a woman in the living room. i ask for help and she tells me theres supplies in the bathroom, so i clean myself up.  as i leave the bathroom i run into this guy my age looking at me, obviously wondering who i was and why i was in his house.  we end up falling in love and hanging out with one of his guy friends and one of his girl friends.  i hear news hes moving far away from the town and me, and that’s when i wake up.

random, huh?

Dream 01

MY FIRST DREAM POST!!!! first things first, character intro. *names hav been changed*

Naru- my BFF
Justin- My BFF’s boyfriend and my other best friend
Timone- the guy im into
Denver- my ex (still friends)
Other Friends:

it was at orientation for my school (may i just say that it didnt look like my school but i knew it was anyway).  it wasnt mine though, it was for the grade below mine, who i hav a few friends (including my ex) in.  so i was hanging around, having a good time.  in this dream i was going out with Timone and we were very happy together, kissing and hugging and all that.  Timone walked away for a while.  then when i was hanging with my other friends, Denver came over and all of a sudden we were running towards each other and hugging then kissing.  i regretted it as soon as it was over, and was flooded with guilt in my dream.  after i talked to Denver and my other friends some more i headed into my gym to talk with a male teacher that looked nothing like my actual phys. ed teacher.  he started walking towards me so i started to run cause i thought he was gonna rape me 0.0.  i got out of the room and ran into Timone, who had heard about the kiss.  he said we should take a break, and i felt horrible, like fall-off-a-cliff bad. that was when i woke up.



so thats it. r&r and giv ur opinion on my crazy mind!  will post again soon >.>


as much as i hate to say it, this is not an actual dream post.  i forget most of the content of my dreams, so in order to capture them and post them, i must wake up in the middle of the night and type them right there in my bed.  hopefully as i go on, remembering dreams will be easier.  maybe i’ll even have lucid dreams to tell you about! so until tonight, or whenever i may happen to have a dream, ttfn!